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October 2009
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Saturday 3rd October 2009

Left for holiday - in mail letter and details from Havant 50+ Forum

On the morning of the first Saturday in October, Jo and I left for a holiday in the New Forest. Just before leaving, I sent a few E-mails, some a little urgent; they included an E-mail to Chris Stanley, Acting Chairman of Warblington and Denvilles Residents’ Association.

As we did not leave until, almost, midday, the post arrived before our departure. it included a brochure and other information from Havant Borough 50+ Forum.

Tuesday 13th October 2009

Letter from Jonathan Morris, Managing Director, Business Link Hampshire

The post arrived late, as usual, these days; Emma picked it up from the porch as she was getting some things out of her car.

There was not a great deal, a letter from Business Link Southeast, a letter that turned out to be from Havant Borough Council to do with energy efficiency and houses, and a catalogue for Jo, which, it transpired, she already seemed to have been sent a copy of. The most interesting of those was the one from Business Link Southeast. It transpired that the letter itself was from Jonathan Morris, Managing Director, Business Link Hampshire .

That particular letter contained a surprise. Specifically it was a letter from Jonathan Morris, Managing Director of  Business Link Hampshire, albeit one of the multiple copy, version, printed signature type.

The Business Link letter was about transfer of information to SEEDA, South East England Development Agency, though included the surprising wording:

Although you have requested no further contact from Business Link, we will occasionally purchase data from third party suppliers. To avoid inadvertently contacting you through such a process we continue to hold only your contact details on file so we can check it against these bought lists and continue to ensure you don’t receive anything from us in the future."

That came as a complete surprise as I had not only never requested Business Link Hampshire not to contact me, I had spent the last decade doing just the opposite, trying to obtain assistance from Business Link Hampshire but being denied such assistance.

At no time have I ever made any such request. On the contrary, I have been trying to obtain advice and assistance from Business Link Hampshire for the last decade but have been discriminated against over that period, had my time and resources wasted. Among other things, I found that there is no protection from such treatment and redress for discrimination; see my Web Page on Business Link Hampshire, Business Link Wessex as it was at one time. Actually, it is more fundamental than that. There are other rogue public bodies in Hampshire and there is no protection from them either.

The problem with Business Link Hampshire goes back long before Jonathan Morris took charge and I doubt that he knows anything about it, yet. The letter was a stereotype one with his name on it. besides, before Jonathan Morris took charge of Business Link Hampshire, a few months before which I was given to understand that he had an extremely good reputation.

It had long become obvious that Business Link Hampshire was either totally incompetent, or that someone within Business Link Hampshire was discriminating against me and working against me. Given that the situation had gone on since 1999, it hardly seemed likely that it was down to pure incompetence, or even coincidence; therefore, the only reasonable conclusion was that it was deliberate, amounting to abuse of position and abuse of power as well as being, I would have thought, illegal. That it was deliberate fitted with what one employee of Business Link Hampshire, who I had contacted about help with building web sites, in the the early 2000s, telling me that there had been a management instruction not to respond to me. An hour, or so, afterwards, David Bartlett, Business Development Director, Business Link Hampshire had 'phoned to deny that had happened, said he would send me a Faxback and that when I returned it something would be arranged. The Faxback arrived, I completed it and returned it; nothing happened.

In 2004 I approached Business Link Sussex for help, Business Link Hampshire heard about it, invited me back, I met David Bartlett at the
Langstone Hotel, Hayling Island, and nothing resulted, my time and resources were wasted. There was a little more to it than that, including a telephone call from Sam Bartlett, of Brighton Films, about my non-engineering side; that all fell away and Sam, in an E-mail, said he had just been doing his father, David Bartlett, a favour. There was also a meeting, arranged by  David Bartlett, with an Officer from Portsmouth City Council and Roger Sherlock of Havant Borough Council. I arrived at the appointed time, only to be told that Havant Borough Council was having an Audit and that Roger could not come. I found that very odd as I knew Roger Sherlock well; he had a reputation of being absolutely straight and honest before i met him and that had been precisely how I found him. It was strange that the meeting had been arranged for when Roger could not be present but then perhaps not so strange. The meeting used up my time and resources, again, but I got absolutely nowhere, yet again, plus honest and trustworthy  Roger Sherlock new nothing about what went on at the meeting, or afterwards.

In any event, since my esoteric, Healer, Psychic side is rated as being so valuable by various business professionals, including Business Link Sussex, it is inevitable that Business Link Hampshire ahs cost the region it is supposed to serve and is paid out of public funds to serve, a very great deal of business. On the basis of the advice given me and the valuation put on those aspects of me, a minimum of 10% on local tourism, Business Link Hampshire has cost Hampshire and the South of England at least tens of millions of Pounds in lost business. since the situation ahs gone on since 1999, arguably, Business Link Hampshire has cost its own region hundreds of millions of Pounds in lost business. That is without including the tens of millions of Pounds in engineering business that my original project, based in the South of England and at Brunel University, would have brought, had it not been wrecked.

Having had an E-mail from Business Link Hampshire on 10th September 2009 and the letter from Jonathan Morris, the Managing Director, today I decided to try logging on to my supposed account at Business Link Hampshire by going to the supplied link ( but was unable to do so, the following page ( coming up with the response “
Sorry we were unable to log you on. ” Clearly, someone had disabled, or removed, my account, and/or made arrangements to deny me access to Business Link. Equally clearly, someone at Business Link Hampshire is determined to prevent me progressing in the region, or elsewhere for that matter.


Wednesday 14th October 2009

Business Link Southeast and the letter from Jonathan Morris, Managing Director, Business Link Hampshire

I made a telephone call to Business Link Southeast, specifically to someone at a Business Link outside Hampshire, to discuss the wording fo the letter from Jonathan Morris, Managing Director, Business Link Hampshire.





Thursday 15th October 2009

British Councillor makes an official stand on the issue of UFOs and Extraterrestrial activity in and around the City of Winchester, Hampshire, England.

Councillor Adrian hicks, Winchester City Council


Friday 23rd October 2009

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Saturday 31st October 2009

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