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E-mail to, Hampshire County Council, Planning Department
Havant Hockey Club, Proposed Developments at Warblington School Havant
Councillor Jackie Branson, Councillor Tony Briggs, Councillor Andrew Lenaghan, Havant Borough Council
Warblington and Denvilles Residents' Association, Havant Borough 50+ Forum


Planning Department, Hampshire County Council, The Castle, Winchester Hampshire, SO23 8UJ

Warblington School, Havant Hockey Club

Dear Hampshire County Planners,

Along with other residents I have recently become aware of proposed developments at
Warblington school, Havant, involving Havant Hockey Club, via Warblington and Denvilles Residents’ Association and a fellow member of Havant Borough 50+ Forum; I became involved with the latter as there are minimal ways of having a say in Havant, being involved, or even obtaining political representation, particularly under certain circumstances, hence my presence on the Internet, which is where this E-mail will also go, and the “certain circumstances,” having long been there.

As I understand, from the Residents’ Association Newsletter, along with information on the Internet, including various PDF documents, Havant Hockey Club proposes to build two pitches at Warblington School, complete with floodlights, public address system, etc.

According to a letter from Peter Taylor of Havant Hockey Club to Nigel Smith, Head of Resources at Havant Borough Council, “The project is widely supported by the Governors of Warblington School, Havant Borough Council and Hampshire County Council, and has already passed through the first stage of a funding bid with England Hockey, our national governing body.”, though little seems to have come the residents’ way until the last minute; not an uncommon occurrence in these types of circumstances. (The letter is contained in a Havant Borough Council Cabinet Document of 3rd February 2010with which Councillor Tony Briggs and Councillor Andrew Lenaghan had some involvement -

The proposed development would appear to involve, quite logically, a considerable increase in traffic for which there seem to have been no planning done, or provision made.

Flood lights from 15m high columns will obviously involve a considerable amount of light spillage which will impact on residents and could well cause problems for drivers on the railway.

Noise from the public address system would seem to be an obvious problem which, apparently, does not even get a mention in planning documents.

Buildings and changing facilities, as well as the environmental impact of extra people in terms of players and spectators seems to have been overlooked and/or dismissed.

I have found relevant documents on the Internet but have only had time to read them rather quickly. Even so, I came across reference to “Evidence that beneficiaries have been consulted and are in support” but no references to consultation with those of us who will be impacted by the proposed development.

As a local resident I wish to register my objection to the proposed developments at Warblington School, by Havant Hockey Club. The whole project is unsuitable for close proximity to housing.


Richard King

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