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Richard King, RLK Associates, 19 Blenheim Gardens, Denvilles, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 2PN

4th July 2008

Business Link Hampshire Clinics

Dear Grahame Huggins,

Thank you for your letter of 2nd June 2008, following your telephone call on that day and the subsequent arrangement for my first meeting with Jenny Oakley at Havant Civic Offices on 7th July.

I note the requested information, including the table in your letter. As I am pursuing a new venture there is no relevant financial information.

For the time being I am moving away from engineering and developing a new career. If it had not been for certain circumstances I would have been able to work on them together and that may be possible in future, at least in a modified form. In the first instance it involves an autobiographical book; as well as being a Chartered Engineer, I am a Healer, with a degree of psychic ability in that, to some extent, I see, feel and hear at a higher level; experiences totaling in the low thousands of hours, mainly since the early 1990s, a few hundred thousand words of diaries as well as other material. I have a unique colleague, as has the editor of my book, almost.

Over the years I have received very high level business advice that my very unusual non-engineering involvements and interests are worth at least ten percent extra on local tourism, that it would help tourism in both Britain and Germany, as well as that “it is a rock on an edge” and should go before rebuilding my engineering career. In short, it will not take a great deal of effort to launch my new career, given suitable assistance. It will happen anyway but could be considerably accelerated.

My book should be available in two to three months time. I am already being read about around the world in a colleague’s book on past life regression, as is the editor of my book and her husband, plus my colleague, partner, in my own book (she did a little “ghost writing” for Barbara’s book at her request and with my assistance) and, in a very unusual way, my business advisor, the one I said I need to travel to see.

My current need is for a business plan, from Hampshire outwards, rather than from my present advisors’ standpoints, plus further routes to suitable publicity, particularly from the Hampshire and Sussex tourism point of view. I have already accepted invitations for interviews, etc., with myself and the other main person in my autobiographical book, for magazine and broadcast media outlets. There are number of other broadcasting arrangements, my main business advisor has several ideas and is particularly interested in involving a well known television personality who, she feels, is likely to be interested, after checking that my wife could also handle it. Reviewers for my book have already been arranged, though others would be welcome.

Ideally, I would like to have a base in Hampshire as well as the university tie-ups I have in mind. Essentially, I am looking to combine my non-engineering interests with my technical side as an antidote to people like Richard Dawkins.

I already have two people in mind who I wish to have working with me, one as a personal assistant, the other assisting with my writing interests; there are at least half a dozen further books, among other things. Both people have the necessary skills as well as also being healers, among other things, and more than comfortable with non-physical matters in their own right.

I also wish to engage in original research from a novel standpoint. For example, as a healer I am aware of energy fields like the human aura, while, as an engineer I am aware that such fields can be represented mathematically. As a result I wondered if it was viable to represent the aura using the stress energy tensor, then found that it had already been done, to some extent, by Konstantin Korotkov and Alexander Levichev (;; Though my mathematics, when at its best, could compete with Alexander Levichev’s (, there is someone I am considering for mathematical assistance but it depends on his future commitments, how quickly I can get going and so on.

There are already potential sources of funding, apart from commercialising my non-engineering interests, my esoteric side. I would expect substantial offers of support and the beginning of discussions fairly soon after I achieve a reasonable public profile.

I had always intended to “go commercial”, though, in view of time I have lost, I am even more interested in doing so. At the end of 2007 I had a very helpful discussion with a very experienced businesswoman who has experience in that area. I also have a potential long-term specialist literary agent in mind. However, there were already obvious connections even before then, including advertising. In addition there are at least two routes via which I can “call in favours” to assist on the publicity, commercialisation and connections front, one being already in progress, another to come when I have a more precise date for publication of my book.

Given that I have been advised that our story is extremely commercial, I also wish to contribute to certain charities involved with Complementary Therapies, such as the MacMillan Nurses (, who advised in the care of my mother when she was terminally ill, though through a stroke rather than cancer. Since that year (2004) I have had something in mind that I wish to set up in my parents’ name.

I also wish to contribute to St Faith Church, Havant, as I gained help there in several ways and it has a very important place in the story, though that will be in the sequel to the first book, as well as any second sequel; I am still living the story.

I am well aware that some people will think I am not completely with it, mentally. That goes with the territory and I am aware that some are already putting it about that “his marbles are loose”, though they have a particular interest in, reason for doing so. As I can count among my friends and colleagues, members and fellows of the royal College of Psychiatrists, via my membership of the Scientific and Medical Network (; that approach can be easily discounted. Apart from which I know a reasonable amount about psychology, partly through having taken it as a liberal studies subject at university. However, there is a great deal of publicity mileage in that area, which I am now starting to tap into, by, for example, reviewing “Trick or Treatment” by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst; the book is biased and poor with, for example, almost twenty errors, miss-descriptions, etc., in the three hundred and fifty words on the single page devoted to Spiritual Healing, which I know quite a lot about, as well as having several years experience. The reasoning and science, among other things, is basic, na´ve and seriously flawed. For that and other reasons I fully expect to be mentioned on numerous self-styled sceptic web sites, etc., fairly quickly.

Broadly, people’s reaction to people like me seems to fall into thirds; a third are fascinated, a third are interested to ambivalent, a third tend to think we are mentally deficient; though that is more their problem than ours.

Interestingly, the Chambers of Commerce and their friends are very broadminded in that sense, as are the business people outside Hampshire with whom I have dealt and am still involved; they are all due to be fully acknowledged in my book, on the web site of the book (which is still being developed) and elsewhere, along with how it all came about with their help. A senior member of the Chamber recently declared his clairvoyant side on the attendees list at a business breakfast; such has been the change in attitudes of late.

Now, I am looking to develop the connections with Hampshire and other areas that are involved in the book. I am already talking to business people in other counties involved, though a great deal took place in and around Havant, Hayling Island, Portsmouth, Southsea, Chichester, etc.; as far as Essex. I have, largely, decided on the organisations through which I will work with other businesses, following preliminary discussions with those organisations.

Business Link Hampshire’s offer of assistance has been made known to those persons and organisations with whom I have had meetings since your telephone call and letter at the beginning of June.

I am not sure what you will make of the above, though that is very much the point in many ways; it is easily unusual enough to be of considerable interest, as well as being marketable and very commercial.

I look forward to meeting Jenny Oakley on 7th July.

Yours sincerely,


Richard King

Richard King, BTech, MTech, CEng, MIMechE
Consultant Engineer
RLK Associates
Visiting University Lecturer in Engineering and Materials
Associate College Lecturer in Engineering Science and Materials

Member of East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Healer, Psychic
Member of the Scientific and Medical Network

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