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During the spring of 2007, I was contacted by someone who had also been rather badly treated by Havant Borough Council. From personal experience and what I have heard from others, poor to atrocious treatment is what anyone can normally expect from Havant Council.

The resulting conversation confirmed many matters I suspected, as well as adding to others that I knew about.

One of the matters mentioned was quite personal and concerned what Council Officers and others were told as a reason for not providing me with requested assistance and discriminating against me in other ways.

In the specific words of my new friend, what Havant Council has been saying, in relation to me, for several years, is, “Don’t get involved. His marbles are loose.”

The “loose marbles” reference has to be not just a questioning of my sanity, based on my esoteric interests and involvements, but an actual judgment, or attempted judgement, or pure maliciousness.

I am not aware that Havant Borough Council has anyone suitably qualified to make any such judgment. They have certainly never been in a position to make any such assessment. All such comments and views expressed by Havant Council are malicious and untrue.

Note that no-one within Havant Council has had the courage to say anything to me.

On the other hand, I am known, in some cases very well known, to several medical professionals, including Members and Fellows of The Royal College of Psychiatrists especially Members of the Spirituality and Special Interest Group of The Royal College of Psychiatrists. Besides, having taken psychology as a Liberal Studies subject on my Engineering Degree course at Brunel University, maintained an interest in the subject, more than touched on it from my Healer perspective and, for other reasons, having a closer involvement with people who really do have problems, I am no beginner in that field, even if it is not my profession.

One interesting addition, provided by the conversation, concerned a Council Manager who had been forced out. I knew something about him, partly because he invited me t meet him at a restaurant in Chichester, soon after he departed. Prior to that I had learned that I was regarded as a “hot potato” whenever my name was mentioned in the among the Council Staff; not because of anything I had done to hem but what they had done to me, though it also went beyond just me.

What I did not know until this particular conversation, was what happened when that manager returned his Council car, as required. The car was returned, minus its engine and many other parts. Clearly, that was the Manager’s “revenge” for the way he was treated and he was, obviously, confident that no action would be taken against him. From what he told me during our conversation in he restaurant, that is hardly surprising.

None of what I learned came as any great surprise. The surprise, a pleasant one, was that someone should have taken the trouble to get in touch with me and spend time enlightening and advising me.

I have known, for years, some of the things that have been said about me by Havant Council. It is all part of an effort to deny me my rights as a resident and citizen, and prevent me getting into the public domain.

However, the extra detail was of great value; a few more pieces in the jigsaw, the whole picture being what Havant Council wishes to prevent its residents, as well as others, being able to see.

The new book by Barbara Ford-Hammond, "Past Life Tourism - Gateway to Bridging Your Past and Future" (Mirage Books) was published on 25th September 2007, having been on pre-order, via Amazon, etc., since early August.

Apart from being in the book with me, from the regression point of view (Lorelei helped with the regression and was my partner in both of the lifetimes to which I regressed), Lorelei and i also contributed tot he book at Barbara's invitation, Lorelei commenting, as requested by Barbara, on Andrea Wren's regression.

As the publication date of the book approached, one of several E-mails from Barbara contained the words:

I've put the 1st part of my book intro at the bottom for you. And, apart from very slight editing, with quote marks and such, yours and Lorelei's bits' went in complete. We'll discover what the readers think very soon. I intend to plead insanity and refer them to you!"

The difference is that Barbara was joking. The earlier comments about me on this page are no joke, nor were they meant to be.